I must say that the fact that the project required help but did not want to take SHE accountability which in fact meant that all accountability remains with me, again reminded me that I would not have accepted this if this was any other party than your company who I completely trust and regard so highly in many aspects but in particular from a safety perspective.
— Francois Du Toit - Vice President

It was a pleasure working with you and your team.

Your safety results are indicative of a team who’s priority are its people and its strength is in its commitment to getting results, the right way.

I look forward to working with you and your team in future.
— Darren Rix - Chevron Policy, Government & Public Affairs Advisor

Just want to give you feedback on Prommac’ s performance thus far for the pre-shut turnaround

On the basis of your KPIs, it is looking very good in all aspects.
I like the way you and your personnel have been interacting with the Chevron personnel
Also like the drive and the way you have been seeking information to set yourself up for success.

It was mentioned in our Coreteam meeting about your good progress (as a “first timer to the Chevron Refinery)

Keep it up.
— Mynhardt Harricombe - Mechanical Maintenance

Our performance to date as a team has been exceptional. This happened because each and every person just did their part and executed their plan. The commitment from all disciplines and contractors is what made our shutdown much more easier to manage. For that I say thank you for your leadership and please pass our appreciation to all those that executed the physical work on the ground. Without their tireless effort; none of this would have been possible.

Much appreciated
— Brian Mthimkhulu - Area Manager Mechanical Maintenance
Thank you very much for an excellent shutdown executed under your supervision and coordination. Many thanks to the PROMMAC team. You executed the shutdown with great skills, leadership, well invested planning and plant knowledge as if you had worked on this plant before, excellent communication and constant detailed feedback, team work and above all your availability in the plant was excellent. You were always on the plant where work was taking place, coaching your teams, checking on safety threats while addressing concerns and challenges.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you together with the rest of your team for a well done job, safe shutdown executed without injuries, great restoration of the plant integrity, good schedule attainment and at an acceptable cost. Surely these are the pillars of a successful shutdown and we met all of them as team.

We started the plant without any mechanical challenges, no leaks on all the equipment which we worked on. JOB WELL DONE. I wish you a great future and a successful shutdown at 288. You have a great future ahead.
— Panganai Mudzami - Maintenance Foreman

Prommac and its employees have recently completed their scope of work, on the Dundee
Precious Metals Gas Cleaning and Sulphuric Acid Plant Project, for Murray & Roberts.

The exceptional performance of your employees, in quality, safety and productivity was noted
and highly appreciated.

The project which is located in the North Western Region of Namibia presented a significant amount of challenges which your team were able to overcome. The efforts of your crew made a positive contribution towards our project’s overall safety statistics, which include 0
LTI’s during the life of the project to date.

On behalf of Murray & Roberts, I take great pleasure in recommending the services of
Prommac Maintenance and Shutdowns for any future projects.
— Michael Neves - Operations Executive

We would like to thank Prommac for taking the initiative of cleaning the road between the GO facility and Steinmuller and filling the holes in the road.

The word “Sisonke” comes to mind; together we take initiaitves like this and make a difference and make the place we work in a safer place.

We are indeed grateful for your enthusiastic support, which helps us assist those in our workplace.
— Richard Da Silva - Divisional Manager

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the safe way that PROMMAC have executed the PP2 Shutdown. It has been a great pleasure to work with this TEAM that understand that the definition of victory is ZERO HARM. The day for this TEAM begins with a safety commitment song, and then extends to the Pre-Task Risk Assessment and safe execution of work, and the day ends with a ZERO HARM performance. Thank you PROMMAC for ensuring that your employees understand the value of safety in their work and home life. PROMMAC has continuously worked in the Polymers environment for such a long time and have become one of own. The relationship has been embraced by the ZERO HARM culture that has been fostered by Design and not by Luck. On behalf of the POLYMERS family I would like to thank you.
— Gilbert Nedzamba - SHE Manager Sasol Polymers Secunda
Just want to thank Prommac for their great service during the shutdown at Nitro. Prommac showed great commitment and ownership.

Please extend my thanks to the team of supervisors, their efforts is greatly appreciated.
— Johan Duvenhage - Maintenance Area Manager

The safety, quality and support given by the Prommac team during this shutdown was excellent and much appreciated. The team excelled on short notice and worked long and hard hours to make it a success. I could not find any fault in the service level and would approach and recommend you for all future jobs in our environment. My foreman is also very pleased with the support given.
— Henry Buchholz - Area Manager

I’d like to give recognition to the team for the assistance in installing the pipe-work for the Outside Battery Limit (OBL) Mobile Skids Piping.

I must also commend the team on your level of professionalism. The initial scope for Prommac was simple and straight forward, but as the project progressed, we ran into a NUMBER of challenges. The team were always willing to assist, and often went out of their way, and out of their original scope, to assist in getting the job done despite the challenges.

I am looking forward to working with Prommac at large, on other future projects.
— Wandile Maphanga - Mechanical Engineering & Governance

During the recent shutdown at Polypropylene Plant (PP2),we had the number of service providers that were on site during one of the biggest PP2 shutdown to date. We had more than 2000 personnel at any given point to execute the activities for statutory inspections on our equipment as well as to ensure that the C3 expansion modifications is executed safely and successfully.

As you might be aware that Sasol shutdown pillars comprises of:
· Safety
· Schedule
· Integrity
· Cost

It is extremely important to note that all this pillars must be monitored equally to declare the shutdown as successful. The shutdown of this magnitude can never be executed safely as well or for that matter declared successfully if the planning of each and every task is not well managed and coordinated by the teams that are involved.

Prommac was also one company which was involved with this critical shutdown in our site. I like to congratulate the Prommac team that was led by Albert and George for always showing that enthusiasm and the spirit of the team work every day of the shutdown days even most of us were already suffered with fatigue on the final days of the shutdown. It was also very comforting to witness that with the amount of critical activities that were planned, Prommac team came out with the zero injuries!!

The professionalism and perseverance that this team portray even during the times when the pressure on schedule was mounting proved that the future for the company is very bright.

We at Polymers SHE department we extremely proud to work together with Prommac team and thank you for exceeding our shutdown expectation with a big margin.

Well done to the team and always keep the light burning and lets do it again for PP1!
— Boesman Malinga - Polymers SHE Team

"Its the POSSIBILITY that keeps us pushing as hard as we do, not the GUARANTEE!

- Niall Carroll - Shareholder "CG Energy Services"