PROMMAC will self perform a variety of services as required by our clients . These services include:

Safety Management

  • Risk Assessments

Quality Management

  • Quality Systems

Resources Management

  • Multi-Discipline Labour Supply

  • Mechanical & Rigging Labour Supply

  • Safety Watcher Supply

Planning Management

  • Basic Planning & Preparation

  • Detailed Planning & Preparation

  • Pre-work Activities

  • Mechanical Execution

  • Post-work Activities

Project Management

PROMMAC has the ability to manage services on behalf of the client or as sub-contractors. These services include:

  • Scaffolding, Insulation & Painting

  • HP & Chemical Cleaning

  • Rigging & Cranage

  • Logistics & Transportation

  • Welding

Industrial Plant Maintenance

Day to day routine maintenance...

From first-line maintenance to emergency breakdowns, PROMMAC has the solution. Our services include performing routine maintenance inspections, maintenance planning, maintenance corrections and standby services.

We provide a variety of solutions, from integrating with our clients teams to providing a total hassle free service which includes providing office facilities, fully loaded tool cribs, safety equipment and all logistics to ensure that our clients are able to focus on their core business whilst we take control of the on site maintenance.

Benefits of outsourcing maintenance....

Our clients have experienced first hand the benefits of utilizing our maintenance services. We take full control on a daily basis, attending meetings, receiving work permits, conducting on site risk assessments, ensuring all routine inspections and lubrication are carried out and ensuring all defects are attended to as well as feeding back to our client on issues outside of our control.

Our teams, who are all certified, are able to work safely under the guidance of our skilled supervisors to reduce downtime of your assets and due to our understanding of maintenance requirements, we are able to reduce the number of people on site and risk exposure to our clients thus often netting a reduction in production & maintenance costs and an increase in output value.


Industrial Plant Shutdowns & Turnarounds

Complete shutdown planning and execution solutions

Our Multi Phased Shutdown process together with our in-house shutdown planning software ensures that we turnover all stones to deliver safe, on time shutdowns which meet quality requirements.

From shutdown conception, through the upfront planning and scope development processes, to complete turnaround management and execution....Prommac has the recipe for success!

Our effective estimations and cost capturing processes also ensure effective cost management.

We pride ourselves in our commitment that our actual costs will be lower than our estimates in more than 90% of cases.

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Brownfield Projects

PROMMAC offers a solution for multi-discipline projects. From up front planning through execution to post execution, PROMMAC can provide the necessary project skills and management to ensure the successful, safe delivery of projects on time.

Our partnership with a variety of single discipline service providers, ensures that we get the best skill sets with depth to provide a turnkey solution for our clients.

Specialised Onsite Services

Conveyor Maintenance

Prommac has dedicated conveyor crews who have the necessary knowledge to inspect & maintain a variety of conveyor belt systems from package handling to bulk haulage.

Our services include the complete maintenance of pulleys, trainers, idlers, belts, bearings, rollers, scrapers.

Pump Repairs

PROMMAC has an established pump division and has an arrangement with various pump OEM's which allows us to provide the necessary expertise to undertake the most demanding pump overhauls. Our services include both onsite and offsite pump overhauls.

Column Repairs

PROMMAC has specialised crews for undertaking of demanding tray rebuilds and repairs in a variety of distillation column types.

One of the biggest problems faced by our clients is the amount of field time required to monitor the work activities during times of shutdown.

Any internal work in vessels enhances this demand as it requires a vast amount of monitoring to ensure that slippage does not occur as the work is often out of site.

PROMMAC takes this element of concern away from our clients by providing the right skill sets to complete the work safely, within spec and on time, thus allowing our clients to manage the balance of activities taking place during a shutdown.

Hydraulic Bolting & Tensioning

PROMMAC has skilled crews to execute hydraulic boliting and tensioning activities on flange systems.

PROMMAC offers a complete solution for onsite loosening and tensioning of bolting arrangements.

We have extensive experience on a variety of torquing and tensioning systems which reduce the need for heavy manual labour, and thus reduce the risk of safety incidents and increase the standard of quality of work.

We have partnered with industry leading providers to ensure that we have the necessary resources and equipment to execute all applicable scopes when it comes to bolting systems.

  • Flange alignment / Torque Wrenching / Bolt Tensioning

  • Hydraulic Jacking Systems

Heat Exchanger Management

PROMMAC offers a turnkey solution for clients wanting complete heat exchanger or equipment solutions, whereby we have the necessary capability to strip, overhaul, box-up and torque up the equipment to ensure a one stop solution for clients, as well as manage all the interfaces which include chemical cleaning, HP cleaning, Retubing, Repairs and painting.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operations (RPAS / Drones)

PROMMAC is backed by our international UAV group (IRIS) which has offices in London, UK and Bergen, Norway. Through our affiliation we are certified with various Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) to provide qualified pilots and aircrafts to support various drone operations within our clients facilities. PROMMAC is also registered with the South African CAA for flight operations across South Africa. PROMMAC offers the expert provision of managed solutions using robotics, with a primary focus on unmanned air systems (UAS). Our Group has a collective alliance of comprehensive UAS industry knowledge, technical and operating expertise enhanced by data analysis specialists.

With access to industry wide cutting edge UAS technologies equipped with the latest hard and software engineering, PROMMAC delivers professional Managed Services, whether that be people, equipment or a combination of both. Our skilled operators are supported by experienced strategists and specialists in the fields of security; search and rescue (SAR); energy, including oil and gas; geomapping; civil engineering; construction and precision agriculture. In parallel, they offer corporate clients bespoke ISR (intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance), training and consulting solutions.