Engineered for Performance

Several Golden hard hat winners have been nominated over the past few months. The golden hard hat is a safety initiative aimed at recognizing those individuals on each project who walk the talk of safety and go the extra mile to ensuring a safe work place.

"Our golden hard hat winners have all shown extreme contribution towards safety over and above their day to day activities and for this we recognise their committment. We truly appreciate their deidcation and committment as true soldiers in our work environment" - Steps Stapelberg - Director

Safety Awards

Several Prommac teams and individuals have received safety awards from clients for execution of work without any injuries... With safety at the core of Prommacs value system, these achievements demonstrate the committmient of not only individuals, but teams in totality in the drive towards great safety leadership and execution.

"We are super proud of our safety achievements to date, and cannot thank our teams enough on their continued drive to ensuring everyone goes home safe every day" - Masaccha Mbonambi - Board Chair