Our Vision

To build a family cultured business which is recognised as the leading provider of innovative specialised mechanical services and turnkey project management solutions to the Petrochemical, Mining and Energy sectors of Africa

Our Mission

Provide our clients with a safe, incomparable level of service which is achieved through the following commitments:

  • Working closely with our clients to integrate our collective strengths & weaknesses.
  • Responding to client requirements within an acceptable time frame.
  • Actively tracking our client satisfaction levels through scorecards.
  • Providing competent resources through a process of revolutionary training and assessment.
  • Proper inductions of resources into both our own and our clients operations.
  • Making use of our in-house planning software.

Our Values

  • Safety – we realise that safety is the core of our organisation and the key to sustainability is built on ensuring our employees go home safe everyday.
  • Integrity – we realise that the stability of our clients operations is key to sustainability and we commit to restoring integrity to all equipment we work on.
  • Schedule – we realise that schedule = cost, and we strive to turn over all stones to ensure that our planning is reflective of the actual environment.
  • Cost – we realise that cost = sustainable business and we endeavor to reduce costs and deliver a value adding service.
  • People – we realise that our employees are our most valuable asset and we commit to providing an enjoyable workplace which our employees feel proud to be part of.
  • Innovation - we realise that innovation is key to creating value and we endeavour to explore innovative technologies which can add value both internal to our organisation and externally to our clients operations